Why Everyone Should Try Writing at Least Once in Their Life

As I have told you in some of my posts, I used to write a lot of fan fiction and also read a lot of it, too. It is a time I have spent filled with joy and happiness, and I would not take it back no matter what. Once in a while, here comes a show or a book or a movie that makes you feel so inspired and so full with ideas that there is no other choice than to take them out there and show them to others. I personally think there are great benefits associated to writing, and that everyone should try writing at least once in their lifetime. Here are my thoughts on the matter.


Everything can be turned into a story


Writing is a medium of communication that is natural to everyone. For instance, no matter how much I appreciate great paintings, I cannot simply grab a brush and start painting. And I am not talking about painting the Mona Lisa, but getting out on the canvas something that is at least viewable without having the viewer draw back in horror at the lack of talent I exhibit. So goes for music and other arts. But not the same thing happens to writing. Everyone learns to read and write from an early age. Getting words on paper is not prevented by any technical issue, and you do not have to be a born talent to tell a story.


Take one subject of interest for you, an event or a situation, and write it down. There is nothing simpler than that. As long as you are honest to yourself, and you are not trying to write to impress, but rather to tell that specific story, your results will come up better than you think.



It is the kind of productive procrastination you will surely love


Even when you are not in the mood of doing anything, and you prefer lazing around, you are still thinking of something. Now, if you do not really want to procrastinate, try writing what’s on your mind! Be it a diary, a short novel, even non-fiction, what you are going to put down in writing will still count for something, instead of doing nothing at all.



Experience new fantastic lives


Human beings are limited in their lives by physical boundaries and choices. If you are an office worker, chances are you will be doing that all your life. But that does not stop you from dreaming about being James Bond, or one of the characters in Lord of the Rings. There is no limit to your imagination, and you will feel tremendous satisfaction at reading what you have written. Why? Because it is something you created, something that says something about you, and a good exercise for a head full of ideas.

I sincerely recommend everyone writing at least once. It is a good exercise for your mind and your imagination that will fill your heart with gladness.

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Starting a Blog – What You Should Know and Why Do It

Do you have a special interest? Do you believe there is something you know and love that other people would love to know, too? Are you the kind of person who likes sharing their beliefs with the world? Then you should start a blog! I am speaking from my own experience, but the truth is that having a blog is really fun, and you feel that you are truly making a contribution. At the same time, it feels really good to put your thoughts down, and when you get feedback from those who read you, you realize that there is a great reward you have never thought about.

Why start a blog? I have millions of reasons to tell you about, but I will try to be short and to the point. A blog is a personal space that you care sharing with others. It holds your thoughts, your opinions, and – why not? – your knowledge on a certain subject. It is extremely satisfying on a personal level and it puts you in contact with people who have the same interests as you.


So, how do you start? I kind of learned the things I know now partly from friends, and partly on my own, so I will try to put them down here for you, so you can find it easy to do it, too. First things first, starting with a platform usually makes things easier; the most popular is WordPress, you may have heard about it, but there are others, too. Things are easy when working with a platform, because you are given many tools that you do not have to be tech savvy to use.


But enough with the technical stuff. I want to tell you more about how to write and what to write. As I said, a blog is a personal space, so I highly recommend you to turn to yourself and have a talk about what you like. Are you a fan of a certain movie or celebrity? Are you handy with knitting needles? Is politics what interests you? Then you already have a theme for your blog!

Now, what do you want to transmit to those reading you? Do you want to keep them up to date with news and such? Do you have particular knowledge on a subject and you want to let others know about it? Do you have an opinion you want to share? This is what your blog post should be about!


There are not really that many important things to know about starting a blog, so these, I think, are the basics. I hope you feel more motivated now to start your own blog and begin your blogging career!