A nice treat for your kids

Hello, dears! Remember how, when you were little, you always loved the candy and treats your grandma used to prepare just for you? Well, as I told you before, I like to welcome my grandchildren with homemade goodies for the joy of their young little hearts. I usually try confectionery that is familiar to them and that has a cool, inviting look, but lately I have been thinking about my own childhood and the things I loved to treat myself to back then. It’s strange how the simple things can hold such a grip on someone’s memories, isn’t it?

I really loved cotton candy when I was small, and I remember my own grandparents always showing up on our doorstep with huge, fluffy, white or pink cocoons on a stick when it was time to celebrate something or someone. Now, my grandchildren must have eaten cotton candy at some point, because when I first told them I had bought a cotton candy machine, they weren’t all that surprised. But once they came to my house and I showed them how it works, they are just floored with the machinery and the delicious result.


I’m pretty excited myself since this is just so easy to use. All you have to do is assemble the machine, which is extremely simple, for it doesn’t have many parts, and then off you go buying sugar or hard candy in whichever flavor you want. You can even try different combinations of flavors. After you’ve heated the machine – by letting it run for about five minutes – you turn it off, and insert the candy in the middle. Turn it on again and start spinning the stick or tubes as soon as you see the little strings of cotton appearing. You also have to move the stick around the bowl as you spin it, in order to make sure you get all of the cotton. I can usually tell from the sound when the candy is about to run out.


What’s really great about it is that you can stick to small individual portions or you can make one big serving. Also, I have a lot of fun mixing different colored layers or using the cotton candy for more complex desserts. If you’ve never had the chance to try it before, it goes wonderfully with ice cream and topping, and the kids really love it.


It is very simple to clean using a damp cloth or even by washing the parts, and because it has such a small and delicate construction, you can store it easily. I am very happy I came up with the idea of buying this thing, and I’m looking forward to trying out the next fun combination when my grandkids come by next time. Of course, you could also try making cotton candy without a machine by using these tips.


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