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Welcome to Voided-Space!

This is basically a directory to all of my sites that I either run or co-run with others. Among them you will find my fanart portfolio, and a few fanfiction sites.


My Fanart Portfolio
U-Mockers was founded on August 28, 2006. This is where I post all of my fanart and anything related to that. It is this site that sprung the idea of getting my own Domain.


My Fanlisting Collective
Site is Temorarily CLOSED. I was having some personal issues, and computer issues so I had to stop doing fanlistings for a while. I hope to get back into them again soon as I really enjoyed them, but I dunno if I will have a collective…time will tell.


A Fanfiction Verse
I Co-Run this site with both Alex and Travis, very good friends of mine. It is a site dedicated to our own little Verse that is a spin-off of the Buffy and Angel verse. There you will find our Virtual Series’ Raven, Sorceress of Crimson Falls, and Broken Destiny, along with some other great mini-series


A Veronica Mars Continuation
I Co-Run this site with Heather. It is our own continuation of Veronica Mars. We were pissed when the show ended without any closure and since there is still so much more story to tell, we decided to take it under our wings. I am in the process right now of bringing it over to Voided-Space.



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