About me

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog, where I will share all kinds of recipes I love baking for my grandkids. I have written fan fiction for some time, and, once I became a grandma, I thought about using my skills for writing in a more productive way. So I started this blog, where I want to offer some advice on how to cook different dishes that kids and adults alike love.


I like to think about my blog as a culinary journey. I would very much love for you to come and join me. Caring for an entire family is no easy feat, and clearly, is much harder than writing fan fiction (put one big smile here). So I want to help you out. Family gatherings, picky kids, and adults who are on the verge of breaking just because they don’t know what to cook in the span of a few hours, are my new specialties. I know on good authority that good food makes things all better. So, let’s cook something great together and let me know how everything works for you!