The Best Desserts My Grandkids Love

Since I have been cooking for my four grandchildren, my recipe book really suffered some great transformations. Now I am very knowledgeable of all kinds of sweet things kids enjoy these days and I especially find cake pops fun to make. Because they are four and I am just one, and I must make sure to cater to all their preferences, I never go with a single style of cake pop. I know who likes which kind of cake pop, so I am prepared with all the ingredients when I hear they come visiting. I want to share with you some easy cake pop recipes you can make at home, too.

I know that everyone knows some basic cake pop recipe. So I will not bore you to the death with details on how to make the mix and so on, especially since you can use ready made solutions, marshmallows, chocolate chips and so on. What I want to share with you are some ideas that will really make cake pops appeal even more to kids.

Spring ready cake pops

Candy corn is a great ingredient for decorating cake pops when you want to go for something season themed. I use pastel colors when I choose candy corn, and I use my imagination for decorating the sweets I will be serving the kids and my relatives. I must say that even adults love them.

Game themed cake pops

Since kids love playing videogames, I thought about offering them something that is as close to home as possible. My older grandson is passionate about a game called Minecraft where players use blocks to build various things. I had to watch some YouTube videos to learn what was all about, and then an idea struck: to make cake pops in the shape of the building blocks they use in the game.

cake pops

I used a silicone mold with squares to make the basic shape for the cake pops. I poured the mixture into the mold and baked it as usual. The decorating part was a bit more challenging, but I am proud to say that I did quite a good job. I prefer to dip the cake pops in chocolate but you can try other recipes, too. I decorated the cake pops with some creeper faces I saw in the YouTube videos. Who knew cake pops and retro games could go hand in hand? There are many other cake pop recipes I make for my kids, and the biggest thing is that they really enjoy them!


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