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Hi to you all! I hope you are having a great time in your lives, and that you are willing to try something new! As an avid reader, I am constantly searching for new information. I am like a sponge in search of new knowledge! I know that a lot of people are just like me, and that is why I want to bring my own contribution to the so many wonderful things you can find online right now.

I used to write fan fiction back in the day, but now that I am the happy grandma of four lovely kids, I have steered my attention into a different direction. My aim is to share with you, wonderful readers, the many great recipes I have in my stash. I haven’t given too much thought to the things I knew about cooking until recently, but since I have started to treat my grandkids with all kinds of delicious pies and cookies, I noticed that I really know a thing or two about recipes for kids.

This is not everything I know, mind you. I also know many cool recipes that work great for family reunions. Family get-togethers can be strenuous. That I know. But we can all make things better by making these family reunions a true opportunity for getting together once more. And believe me, nothing binds people better than a flavorful home cooked meal that is exactly to everyone’s liking. You may well know how pretentious kids can be, and even some adults. If I am managing to satisfy the tastes of four kids and an entire extended family, then I think you can do, too.

home cookingCome visit my blog where I will share all the great recipes I know. I have a mind to compile all of them into a book – all those years of writing fan fiction should have taught me some things about how to write compelling content – and then offer it to my readers.

Until these dreams come to fruition, I personally have the pleasure of inviting you to join me in this culinary adventure and try my recipes. You will find here something for every taste, and do not worry; all my recipes are completely doable and they are as delicious as they are easy to make. After all, trying to keep everyone well fed is a matter of how fast a cook one can be, and this is among the things I hope you will learn while visiting my blog.


You can also find me on kitchenettejen.com where I write about the best 2 slice toasters and other kitchen utensils.


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